Upcoming Seminars

07/09/20, 10am US Eastern time, Arkadyi Garber (@theironark), University of Montana: Evolution of interdependence in a four-way mealybug symbiosis

07/17/20, 12 pm US Eastern time, Dr. Sean Gibbons (@gibbological), Institute for Systems Biology: Reflections of the gut microbiota in blood  

08/14/20, TBD, Elizabeth McDaniel (@lizilla93), University of Wisconsin, Madison: Identifying Ecosystem-Level Traits and Niche Differentiating Adaptations in an Engineered Microbiome


Most recent seminars

06/30/20 Dr. Thomas Hackl (@th4ckl), Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research & University of Groningen: Mobile elements abundant in marine vesicles shape Prochlorococcus’ genomic plasticity

05/29/20 Will Shoemaker (@ShoeStrapped), Indiana University, Bloomington: The population dynamics and evolutionary outcomes of energy-limited microorganisms

05/22/20 Dr. Alex Valm, SUNY Albany: Structure and Assembly of the Human Oral Microbiome Across Spatial Scales

05/15/20 Dr. Ella Sieradzki (@SieraVirus), UC Berkeley: Rhizosphere-nitrogen dynamics through a metatranscriptomic lens 


Interested in presenting? Click HERE to sign up!


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