Upcoming Seminars

10/30/20, 10:30am La Serena Chile time (US Eastern), LIVE, Alexandra Stoll, Centro De Estudios Avanzados En Zonas Aridas (CEAZA), Microbiome Dynamics Associated with the Atacama Flowering Desert

11/06/20, 5pm CET, LIVE, Melisa Olivelli, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones
Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Microbes, organic matter and minerals: Influence on carbon sequestration and emerging contaminants in wetlands

November 11-12, 2020, #UnityInDiversity ISME Virtual Microbial Ecology Summit

Most Recent Seminars

10/19/20 Dr. Olga Sokolovskaya, UC Berkeley, Chemically similar, but functionally distinct: Impacts of vitamin B12 analogs on a widespread metabolic enzyme in bacteria and humans.

10/9/20 Dr. David Zeevi, Rockefeller University, Resource conservation manifests in the genetic code

09/29/20 Dr. Vikas Yadav (@VikasYadavSci), Duke University, Sexual Parasitism In Fungi: Centromere-mediated Chromosome Shuffling Reveals Uniparental Meiotic Progeny During Bisexual Reproduction

09/01/20 Dr. Zakee Sabree (@mgrntwrkr), The Ohio State University, Modeling how gut microbes are integral to normal host growth and development

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