Upcoming Seminars

4/3/20 10 am EDT (4 pm Central European Summer Time): Gwenaël Piganeau, CNRS, France: “Phytoplankton-virus interactions through the genomic lens”

Watch Live on YouTube: Link provided on 4/3/20

4/10/20 12pm EDT: Dr. Paul Carini, University of Arizona (@Paul_Carini): “Leveraging microbial cultivation to identify core principles in soil microbial ecology and evolution”



Most recent seminars

3/27/20 12pm EDT: Dr. Roland Hatzenpichler, Montana State University (@environmicrobio): “Ecophysiology of uncultured sediment-dwelling microbes revealed by substrate analog probing”

Watch on YouTube HERE

Dr. Heather Hendrickson, Massey University (@DrHHNZ): Evolution of spherical cell shape. 12/18/19


Interested in presenting? Click HERE to sign up!

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