Upcoming Seminars

April 4, 2022, 2 pm US Eastern, LIVE, Carly Muletz Wolz, Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute, Skin defenses and microbial diversity in salamanders and frogs

Most Recent Seminars

March 30, 2022, 4 pm US Eastern, LIVE, Chris Greening, Monash Biomedical Discovery Institute,  Microbial oxidation of atmospheric trace gases: from enzymes to ecosystems

Feb 15, 2022, LIVE, Dr. Tyler Carrier, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, On the spread of microbes that manipulate reproduction in marine invertebrates

March 23, 2021, LIVE, Dr. Filipa Godoy-Vitorino, University of Puerto Rico, Microbiomes and women’s health

02/19/21, 2pm US Eastern, LIVE, Terence Crofts (@TerenceCrofts), Northwestern University, Outside the box antimicrobial-bacteria interactions

02/10/21 Jacob Steenwyk (@jlsteenwyk), Vanderbilt University, When two become one: the hybrid origin of a filamentous fungal pathogen

01/26/21 Dr. Céline Lavergne (@celine_lavergne), Centro de Estudios Avanzados (CEA)  & HUB AMBIENTAL UPLA of the University of Playa Ancha (Valparaíso, Chile), Stories from the South: Methanogenic pathways and communities affected by temperature in sub-Antarctic lake sediments (Chile)

01/18/21 Dr. Subhash Yadav (@subhash353), Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Culturing the unknown: Characterising the physiology of Black Sea Microorganisms

12/02/20 Dr. Robyn Wright (@RobynJWright), Dalhousie University, Food or just a free ride?

11/06/20 Dr. Melisa Olivelli, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones
Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Microbes, organic matter and minerals: Influence on carbon sequestration and emerging contaminants in wetlands

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