The Death of the Scientific Conference?


Yesterday, I attended a my first MicroSeminar (#uSeminar) session, where Deric Learman gave an excellent talk on microbial redox, including the oxidation of Mn by Roseobacter Azwk-3b and how this process may be linked to the remineralization of refractory dissolved organic carbon.  30 minutes of live screen-shared presentation, followed by questions fielded from the Google Hangout and Twitter meant I could enjoy a great lecture given in the US, from the comfort of my desk, with no need to suffer jet lag or the sad look on my son’s face when I tell him I’m going away for a week to go to a conference.

It seems to me that with current technology, this format of seminars holds significant advantages over the traditional format of conferences:


Anyone who has been to a scientific conference knows they are expensive. Flights, hotels, registration fees and expenses eat into budgets. I’m…

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