Moving forward: plans for the 2014-2015 academic year

We’d like to thank everyone for the excitement surrounding this project during the summer of 2014. So far the feedback we’ve gotten is asking this to continue. The problem is – school is about to hit, and as pre-tenure professors, we have a lot on our plate. So, due to teaching and workload demands, here’s our plan for Sept – May, 2014-2015:

  • We will plan 1 seminar per month
  • Time/day is going to be flexible, since it has to work with teaching schedules, etc.
  • We will advertise the schedule heavily and post updates clearly so everyone can plan
  • Talks will still be recorded, and we can ask that speakers respond to questions that we collect by twitter. We can post responses on wordpress if there is a complicated response.
  • Feedback is welcome

We hope you’ll keep tuning in and watching!


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