Passing the torch

When MicroSeminar first started, I envisioned it as a community-driven, grassroots effort to share data, discuss research projects and build connections. I hope we’ve been mostly successful with those goals, but in keeping true to them – I have decided to pass the torch of organization. Dave Baltrus and Cameron Thrash will now be working with the fantastic Lizzy Wilbanks to organize the seminars. I’ll be cheering them on!

Lizzy is an assistant professor at UC Santa Barbara, and was one of our initial talks on MicroSeminar. I am so happy she’s decided to come on board! Lizzy – the torch is passed 🙂


1 thought on “Passing the torch

  1. Lizzy Wilbanks

    Thanks Jen!! Your idea for MicroSeminar and your hard work keeping it going have been a real inspiration. To me, MicroSeminar represents what an open, inclusive, global research community is all about– and I couldn’t be more excited to carry a torch for that. Let’s do this!!!


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